If you’re looking for a truly unique item that speaks to everyone, you’ve come to the right place!

Craft Notes Passports was one of our #1 top-selling gift items of the 2018 holiday season!


Lindsey @Patina

Buyer at Minnesota’s #1 local gift retailer

Beer Lovers, coffee lovers, city dwellers and country folk, art-lovers, people that are impossible to shop for… Everyone loves doing great things. Craft Notes Passports are fun, elegant, and come with incredible value.

But best of all, they give your store something local and cool. They are a testament to how cool you are. They are small size, have great margins, and support local culture, which, if you’re reading this, you are a part of as well.

The Gift of Local Experiences!

Perfect for Dads, Moms, Boyfriends, Siblings, Workmates, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, or really anyone that wants to learn more, explore, and be part of local culture.

“Research says… The Perfect Gift isn’t something you can wrap (unless it’s our passport)…”

Craft Notes Passport & Guidebook

– Small Shelf Space
– High Margins
– High Quality art & printing
– Unique…

(Just some of the reasons we know you’re going to love selling our Passports in your store)

We had a good holiday season with the Notes! Thanks for the great customer service and personal deliveries; they were tough to keep in stock.


Liz @Minnetonka General Store

Owner & Gift Buyer

show the craft notes passport and the breweries, craft beer, best place to drink right now in minneapolis

Benefits to Retailers

Your customers will love it. Your staff will love it. You’ll make money all while supporting local art and culture.


Everyone loves art. Everyone loves value. With Craft Notes Drink Passports, you can offer your customers both.

Ultra cool, 2-Color, locally designed Screen Print filled with artwork, history, and stories of the best local drink makers. Each Passport is limited run and curated to tell a unique story. – Learn more


A reason to go. A personal connection. Recommendations from the makers. No other gift is like it.


Enjoy a Richer Experience and get a Complimentary Drink from each venue (over $150 Value!)

Small size and Shelf Space

Books are only 4″x6″ and designed to fit almost anywhere. We recommend on the counter as a last-minute gift idea or quick money-saver for you.

Great Margins & Profits

A $25-30 retail price, 40%-60% Profit Margins (depends on quantity ordered) and a unique, last-minute, complimentary product that appeals to everyone. -Wholesale Pricing

best craft beer and cocktails in minnesota

Align your Store with a host of great local venues

We keep our brand elevated. You should too. By selling Craft Notes Passports in your store, you’re supporting the most creative and best known local businesses in food/drink/culture.

Ready to carry them in your store?

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