For a list of current wholesale promotions, please see below.

Earth Day Passport Sale

Stunning, locally hand-printed, full color covers printed on high-quality, midwest-sourced, recycled paper tells the story and supports Minnesotan businesses leading the way in sustainability. – And now, you can featured them in your store for a special price!

Promotion Details:

  • RETAIL SALE PRICE: $25 (Reg. $30)
  • WHOLESALE SALE PRICE: – same as standard editions (40-60% discount off $25 Retail Sale price, depending on qty ordered)
  • Sale starts April 1, 2021 (all orders fulfilled today – 2021 will be given the reduced wholesale price)

Offer: Craft Notes will sell our passports wholesale for a lower price if you agree to put them on sale starting April 1, 2021 and going through the rest of 2021.

When do I have to order by?

A. Any day in 2021.
note that you do NOT have to put them on sale prior to April 1, so all passports sold in March = better margin for you.

Do I have to put them on sale?

A. YES. We will sell them at a discount on the promise that you will put them on sale. Again, note that you do NOT have to put them on sale prior to April 1, so all passports sold in March = better margin for you.

Will Craft Notes help me promote the sale in my store?

A. YES. We’ve got a list of over 30,000 people and will do what we can to support your sales. See Promotions

Passport Description: Craft Notes “Leaders in Sustainability” is our 1st “special edition” passport. Even higher quality printing, and curated after in-depth research, it tells the story of some of the most important local businesses and their efforts toward zero waste.

Over $500 in Craft Beer, Cocktails, and even coffee from MN’s Leaders in Sustainability. Includes Tattersall Distilling, MPLS Food Building, Bent Paddle, and more. — See full product description.

Retailer Exchange Program

2020 brought hardship on all of us. We get it.

If you were a retailer that was left with Craft Notes inventory that is older or has an expiration date, we’d like to exchange these for you with a newer, updated edition. Please call Matt 612-803-1022 to arrange the exchange.

If exchanging, passports must still be in new condition, otherwise, we’re happy to do it!

Do you always offer this?

A. NO. We’re doing this in response to the pandemic. Neither of us planned on this, it’s no ones fault. We want to see you sell our passports and be successful.

What can I exchange?

A. Any, like-new books you’ve had unsold. We’ll take them back and get you something more fitting/not expired

Do your partners/breweries still offer the discounts?

A. YES. All partners, before being printed in Craft Notes, sign an agreement to honor the offers. We’ve had to do some damage control, due to pandemic, but we’ve since signed a partnership with the MNCBG, making us the Official Passport to MN beer. ALL PARTNERS REMAIN ENGAGED.

However, please see covid rules.