Passport Display



Designed to hold up to $300 in merchandise in >6″ square.  Fits great along-side cash registers and provides a unique and custom look.

3 pieces:

  • Back board (to hold retail signage) – Pine
  • Metal gator clip – Metal
  • Custom made, logo printed box – Pine

Sits ~ 5″x5″ and backer stands ~ 12″ tall when display is set up as shown

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Craft Notes displays are custom made to help you display and sell our passports. This display is specially designed to take up bare minimum table space and look good. Made with bare pine, these displays have been designed to be sturdy, allow for flexible signage/messaging, and will bring a great custom look to your store.

Each box holds approx 5-10 passports, allowing you to keep spare inventory below and minimize space while maximizing revenue and profits.

1 Free stand / Retailer for each sku order over $600. Please order over $600 and we will include in your shipment.

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1.5 in