MN-V3: “Twin Cities Beer Lover” (10)

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The Twin Cities’ Beer Lover’s Edition is designed to highlight the current hottest breweries in the Twin Cities right now.  This product is specially geared to people looking to be immediately immersed in the ‘hottest’ current breweries directly in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

Consumers get over $125 in Complimentary Drinks (11 breweries, 1 distillery) and the passport never expires.

  • All Craft Notes Passports are printed to be the highest quality. We use heavy, recycled and textured paper, with hand-printed covers
  • All passports are a 2-color design done by MN Artist Keith Williams
  • Passports are 4×6 inches with rounded corners.
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Release Date: 11/14/2018


(Including brand new and long-established places + SUPER local cider, & our 1st ever distillery tasting room) – Enjoy complimentary drinks when you bring your passport to:

  • La Dona Cerveceria (craft beer)
  • Burning Brothers (craft beer)
  • 56 Brewing (craft beer)
  • Fair State Brewing (craft beer)
  • Birch’s Lowertown (craft beer)
  • Birch’s Long Lake (craft beer)
  • Head Flyer Brewing (craft beer)
  • Du Nord Distillery (cocktail)
  • Lake Monster Brewing (craft beer)
  • Bauhaus Brewing (craft beer)
  • Badger Hill Brewing(craft beer)
  • Pyres Brewing (craft beer)
  • Urgan Forage (cider)



A lot of care was put into making the highest quality, durable, engaging book we could. (learn more)

Printed on high-quality, durable, and sustainable materials, each book is designed to be both informative and offer you the best experience.

  • Craft Notes drink passport is a mixed-media project; graphic design, illustration, and photography
  • Each passport is a 2-color screen print done in collaboration by local artists led by Keith Williams.
  • All photos are taken by local Craft Notes photographers
  • The Cover Stock is heavy-weight, 100lb, textured cover made of 50% recycled fibers from the Midwest
  • Interior pages are printed on 80% recycled paper



  1. Bring your book to each location and…
  2. …when your tab comes, the staff will stamp it and take 1 drink off your tab*.
  3. You just tip like you got a free drink, because you did:)
    (How Passports Work)
    *Great with friends!* Complimentary drinks are provided for each book, so multiple books may be used on a single tab (ie. 2 books gets the 1st round of 2 drinks).

*Remember* Craft Notes is about supporting great local businesses and their local staff! Many of whom love talking beer, so bring a friend, grab a spot at the bar, and settle in for a good time…

Explore at your own pace. Our Passports are the best way for you experience and support the most phenomenal local craftsmen that are helping shape Minnesota culture.  You’ll always have something new to do and a complimentary drink to enjoy when you do it!