Thank you for your support! Craft Notes is going to be one of your best items. You have several options to place a wholesale order.

Please see below for step by step instructions for your preferred method and we’ll get your order right away.

LinkS to Your PREFERRED Ordering Option:

Option 1: Purchase Online from this site. (easiest)
– Order and pay now with credit card. We’ll ship immediately. (Please use the “coupon code” on shop page to unlock wholesale pricing when placing order or you will be charged full retail price!)

Option 2: Submit a Purchase Order (for bigger orders and regular retail partners)
– Fill out form, email it to your rep, take delivery, pay NET 60 (note, you will also need to apply for credit)

Video walkthrough

Opt. 1) How to Purchase Directly from this site. (Easiest)

This is the easiest way to start selling our passports today. Order any combination of sets of 10 passports, checkout with your credit card, and away you go!

(This is also a great option for new accounts to try out our products in your shop. As a holiday item, they can’t be beat! )

2) Order in wholesale sets of 10.

3) Add the Wholesale “coupon” code for Tiered pricing discount. And remember, all orders over $600 ship free!

Please note: All prices are in FULL RETAIL. You must apply coupon codes based on the qty ordered to receive wholesale pricing.

Order QTYProfit MarginCoupon Code
20-40 Books40%TIER1
41-99 Books45%TIER2
100-199 Books50%TIER3
200-599 Books56%TIER4

Tier pricing for larger quantities ordered.
Wholesale price applied on checkout for all orders off the full retail price listed (applies just like a coupon code). If ordering with a Purchase Order/NET 60 this wholesale pricing will automatically apply to your order.

For regular retail customers, Tier pricing applies to Annual Order quantity, however, this must be agreed to and use PO order.

opt. 2) How to Submit a Purchase Order

For Credit Accounts and retailers wishing to pay by check, NET 60.
Also for regular orders; you can apply “Tiered wholesale pricing” to an annual order commitment for best price.

1) First, you will need to Apply for Credit

(Note: You can fast track credit application by submitting a purchase order, just continue on to next step)

2) View Craft Notes Product Catalog (current, pdf) to view options, tier pricing, and other product info.

3) Submit your company’s purchase order (we accept all forms)…
… Download, Fill out, and email us ours. Craft Notes Purchase Order (pdf)

Please email your rep or send your order to:

Craft Notes
319 West 34th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Matt DowgwilloConnor WilsonJack Sussman
(612) 803-1022
(612) 724-0632
(952) 807-8596

4) That’s it! We’ll get your order mailed to you right away. Your order will include an invoice with a due date 60 days from the shipped date.

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