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Craft Notes Simple Passport e-commerce listing

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Product Name: {insert State} Craft Notes Passport {insert volume name}
MSRP:Standard $25 (see back of passport)
Shipping & Size:
4×6 inches.
Weight ~2.5oz
Single books ship in a standard with a 3oz stamp
Multiple books ship with other items or if just books, via media mail for ~$2.80
Short Description:
The Gift of Experience!
Craft Notes Passports are the easiest way to explore and support the best in local drinks and culture. Authentic and Curated, each Passport offers a unique theme and engaging experience and rewards you with $100’s worth of complimentary drinks.
Long Description:
Join friends and support your local craft community. Craft Notes passports make a great gift perfect for any local drink lover and are curated to feature only the absolute best local drink makers.

Packed full of great stories, recommendations, and art, Craft Notes passports are hand-made and locally screen printed on high-quality, durable, recycled paper. Designed by local artists, each page, design, and story is unique and designed to help you learn more about the places and people you love and introduce you to new places that excel at what they do.

Included in each passport:
– Complimentary drinks (1 from each featured venue value over $250 or more!)
– A different Curated experience
– Unique art and stories
– Support and learn more about local culture
– Recommendations directly from owners/makers

Drink offers do not expire for at least 12 months from purchase, however, each unique passport is a limited run and will sell out and not be reprinted.

(you may also choose to include a list of locations, see inside covers for details)
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