Does Craft Notes offer Consignment for Resellers?
Yes, we CAN offer consignment in certain situations.

Fill out the order form to get your order or read below for additional information.

How Venue-Partner Consignment Works

Selling passports work the exact same as with any of your other merch, except there is no up front costs or minimums, and you’ll never be stuck with a handful of XXXL’s.

  1. Fill out this credit and order form.
    – Download and sign it.
    – Follow instructions on form to email back to
  2. Once we have it on file…We will send your order.
    We will create an order to ship out to you, along with a custom display and signage.
  3. Pay/Order More.
    1. Your delivery will include an invoice for the full wholesale price. This is recorded so we can track your order…
    2. However, this is not exactly what you owe, and due date is flexible
    3. PAY: When you need more, pay this order in full and we will get you more books.
    4. RETURN: Didn’t sell them? bummer. Please just return unsold books when requested and pay for only those that you sold. We will remove the items off your invoice.

Please ignore terms and pricing tiers explained elsewhere on this wholesale site. Instead, Venue-Partners are entitled to special pricing at 50% ($12.50/book) and Consignment terms

Need signage? get the hi-res versions here.

Tips to sell.

  1. Tell staff!
  2. Displays are made to fit on counter; put near where customers order
  3. Promote on social media or in a “package” (ie. $50 for both books + a beer — or Buy 4 Sets of books, get a free T-shirt) — it’s all about using them to upsell!
  4. See more general tips for participating partners here.


Consignment offer MNCBG

Thank you to all members for helping support this program and helping us to raise funds to continue our work advocating for the industry.

Craft Notes partnership with the guild is designed to directly support guild members and raise funds for continuing work to grow the industry.


  1. 50% Revenue: Goes back to YOU, Guild member, to directly support additional “merch” sales and help you raise funds.
  2. 50% Revenue: Goes back to Guild to support initiatives and cover production costs


  1. Brand Craft Beer as a leader in Health & Safety
  2. Personalize consumer Experience – Don’t just get a customer, make them a regular.