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How to Place a Wholesale Order


If choosing “Order Online” above, use “Discount Code” at checkout on this site.
If choosing “NET60” please submit a credit and purchase order form below.

Order QTYProfit MarginDiscount Code
20-40 Books40%TIER1
41-149 Books45%TIER2
150-499 Books50%TIER3
500-899 Books55%TIER4
For regular retail customers, Tier pricing applies to Annual Order quantity, however, this must be agreed to and use PO order. Please go to “SUBMIT PURCHASE ORDER” to Apply for credit and be assigned a sales representative.

Profit margins depend on total quantity ordered. Please follow steps below and contact us above for any questions or help!

STEP 1: Sign up as a Professional Reseller and Get Catalog

All professional resellers are invited to purchase wholesale.

In general, we try to make products that speak to different customers and encourage you to try a range of volumes/products or ask your sales rep about bundles or special price points.

We ask that you register your store 1st.

If you’ve already done this, please go to step 2 and place your wholesale order by choosing your preferred payment method.

(Please note that we cannot fulfil an order if you are not a professional reseller)

STEP 2: (Payment-option-2) SUBMIT PURCHASE ORDER (NET60) πŸ“ƒ

Most established retail accounts choose this because bigger orders qualify for better pricing and can be paid NET 60 or other as agreed. We can usually accommodate specific needs as well.

  1. Fill out a Credit Form (You will only need to do this one time). Once we have a Credit Form you can place unlimited orders.
  2. Submit a Purchase Order (follow instructions on page to 1. Upload your Credit form and then 2. Submit a Purchase Order)
or, STEP 2: (Payment-Option-1) ORDER ONLINE RIGHT NOW (COD) πŸ›’

Great for 1st time customers and smaller orders (<50 books).

Please note: All prices are in FULL RETAIL FOR LOTS OF 10qty. You must apply “Discount Codes” below to check out with wholesale pricing.

Order QTYProfit MarginDiscount Code
20-40 Books40%TIER1
41-149 Books45%TIER2
150-499 Books50%TIER3
500-899 Books55%TIER4

Link to additional Retailer Resources

Craft Notes prides ourselves on customer service and we’ve tried to provide everything you’ll need to be successful and earn big profits by supporting local.
We want to make sure our Passports are #1 in your shop. We’re very open to cross-marketing ideas, partnerships for “boxes” or other curated gifts, or social media campaigns.

πŸ“ƒ TERMS & FORMS: Catalogs, Credit Application, Purchase Order forms


TERMS & CATALOGS ( google doc)


  • COD or NET 60 (Your Choice)
  • Tiered Pricing. 40-60% Margins for larger QTY ordered
  • Free Shipping on all orders > $600 (otherwise flat $15)
  • $300 Minimum order
  • Wholesale pricing for professional resellers only

View all terms/Current items:

(Download below file as Google Doc)

🎨 ASSETS: Print-Ready Signage + 6″x6″ Custom wood displays

(optional) Small, wood display boxes are available. These small, 6×6″ boxes are designed to have interchangeable signage.

It is recommended you use 1 small display per volume. You can also print different signs

πŸ“· ASSETS: Photos & Online-Listing information

You should definitely list passports online. Here are some assets to make this easy. You are free to use any of our licensed images to promote Craft Notes products in your stores.

Base verbiage free to copy & paste. Feel free to modify as necessary.

Feel free to take anything off our our main product pages and copy/paste whatever you’d like.

Copy and Paste below for easy online product setup
Product Name:{insert State} Craft Notes Passport {insert volume name}
MSRP:Standard $25 (see back of passport)
Shipping & Size:
4Γ—6 inches.
Weight ~2.5oz
Single books ship in a standard with a 3oz stamp
Multiple books ship with other items or if just books, via media mail for ~$2.80
Short Description:
The Gift of Experience!
Craft Notes Passports are the easiest way to explore and support the best in local drinks and culture. Authentic and Curated, each Passport offers a unique theme and engaging experience and rewards you with $100’s worth of complimentary drinks.
Long Description:
Join friends and support your local craft community. Craft Notes passports make a great gift perfect for any local drink lover and are curated to feature only the absolute best local drink makers.

Packed full of great stories, recommendations, and art, Craft Notes passports are hand-made and locally screen printed on high-quality, durable, recycled paper. Designed by local artists, each page, design, and story is unique and designed to help you learn more about the places and people you love and introduce you to new places that excel at what they do.

Included in each passport:
– Complimentary drinks (1 from each featured venue value over $250 or more!)
– A different Curated experience
– Unique art and stories
– Support and learn more about local culture
– Recommendations directly from owners/makers

Drink offers do not expire, however, each unique passport is a limited run and will sell out and not be reprinted.

(RECOMMENDED: you may also choose to include a list of locations, see inside cover of specific volume for details)
Images:Feel free to use any of our online shopping images or holiday images in promoting our products.
(if higher-res images are needed please request from us direct via email or phone)

OPPORTUNITIES: Promotional Collaborations

As a fellow local business, we pride ourselves on the success of our retail partners. A great way to grow is by supporting eachother with partnerships. Here is a partial list of some of the things we can do with you. Any other ideas? Please Ask.


We’ll agree to a prize, co-promote, co-brand, and then share contacts gathered. Craft Notes will build a custom contest page and we will work together to promote it. We will both offer prizes, and then share the contacts.

  • Ultimate goal: Lead Gen for YOU and Craft Notes + Sales for you.
  • EASY! Craft Notes will manage all the tech
  • We both advertise
  • Retailer will promote to their lists
  • Craft Notes will promote to their lists


We’ll provide signage and a wholesale discount to make it successful. Craft Notes will provide a wholesale discount for you to promote our products for a sale.

  • Ultimate goal: Sales
  • GREAT! A special discount only at your store
  • Something unique you can promote
  • You work to advertise it
  • Craft Notes will repost any promo you do on social media and potentially share to our newsletter


You’ve got a great idea? We’re here to listen. We will definitely do what we can to support you! Email matt ( or call 612-803-1022 with your ideas!


Here Common Questions we get asked. Don’t forget, you can always call us anytime!

Matt: 612-803-1022 /

Jack: (952) 807-8596

What are your standard Payment terms?


  1. If choosing COD, you can order directly from this site.
  2. If choosing NET60, please add a Credit Application for your company. YOu will only do this 1 time, and can make future orders. Please scroll up to ORDER section of this page for more.

Please see TERMS & CATALOG for more

What is the order Minimum?

Minimum orders are $300 unless otherwise agreed to. Free shipping on orders over $600. However, please go up to FORMS for a full list of terms.

What are the Margins?

We want Craft Notes Passports to be one of your best items! Small size, great profit margins. We offer quantity discounts for larger orders. Margins are 40 – 60% depending on order size, and we have several options to get you there.

How do I get the best profit margins?

We have tiered margins based on standard order quantity. If you are making a single, quick order, we suggest doing so from this site. Order the largest number you can for the best discount (applies to total books ordered, of any volume).

However, if you plan on carrying our products regularly, you CAN qualify for Tier pricing based on your annual order volume. For example, ordering 50 books today would place you in “Tier 2” – or 45% margins. But, if you want to order 50 for November, 50 for December, and 20 all other months, you would qualify for Tier 3, giving you 55% margin on all orders.

Is your pricing set in stone?


These are standard terms and they are very fair for the quality of product (our production costs are high due to art and quality of print). However, if you can commit to a certain size order or have a solid marketing pitch to give us, we’re all ears. We pride ourselves and being able to work with any fair, equitable idea; we want to see you succeed and are an honest, flexible company. Just ask!

Why are the wholesale prices listed as full Retail?

We wanted to provide a wholesale ordering site. By grouping books in sets of 10, you are able to apply a “wholesale coupon code” to your order.

Please see ordering instructions and pricing table above or download our Terms & Catalog

Can I get assets for listing product online?


Please see “ASSETS” above in the RESOURCES SECTION of this page.

If you have reduced the wholesale price, do I have to provide the item on sale?

In most cases, the “SALE” is the “Agreed Price”

You should sell this at the agreed price to maximize shop sales. Your wholesale price will be adjusted accordingly.

You talk about “Agreed Price” in your terms sheet, what is this?

If purchasing on this site, it is listed as “SALE” if doing a PO, it is the “Agreed Price” but it all means the same thing:

You should sell this at the agreed price to maximize shop sales. Your wholesale price will be adjusted accordingly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer checks/ACH.
All Credit Card transactions on wholesale purchases are subject to a 3% credit card fee. If you’re ordering from this site, that has already been included. If ordering via Purchase Order, you can pay on delivery with a check to avoid that fee.

How do I apply for Credit so I can pay NET 60?

Want to do NET 60 instead of COD? Please just fill out our credit application and we can convert your account. This can be done on the same page as the order. Scroll above to the ORDERING section on this page or link here.

How much is Shipping?

Free Shipping on all orders over $600. If order is under $600, we charge a flat $15 for shipping.

How do you ship?

Standard shipping is via USPS or UPS. Tracking is provided and we will insure your shipment with them.

How long do you need to complete my wholesale order?

Approximately 7 days.

We will contact you immediately if we anticipate any issues. Standard shipping is via USPS or UPS. In most cases, we will do this immediately.

Refunds/Exchanges on expired or unsold items?

We accept an exchange of newer volumes if they are within 4 months of expiration (we want you to have new ones!). If you’d like to exchange for a different volume, please contact your rep and arrange for a swap. They will provide shipping info.

Which volumes are currently available?

We have multiple Passport editions. Choose what’s best for you! If it’s in our shop, then they’re available to you for wholesale.

– View current available Passports >

Do Passports Expire?

Yes and No.
If they do, we set expiration to be ~14 months from the shipping date, so customers will always have approx >12 months to get their drinks. We encourage retail customers to order accordingly so that you can keep them stocked appropriately.

Note: We DO offer exchange for any passports that may have expired, however, we will need to get these back from you before we can ship an exchange.

Is each passport different?


We print single-run editions. Each is a different list of stories, venues, and art all focused on a different theme, and all targeted to a different customer persona.

When they sell out they sell out and we encourage you to order as many as you think you can sell!

How many should I order?

This is 100% your call. During the holidays, expect to sell a TON. During off months, expect 10-20 per location/volume-carried. Your rep will help you take advantage of quantity discounts, displays, and order the proper amount.

Where are your passports made?

100% USA.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our passports. These are printed in collaboration between artists in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Our goal is to have local artists get the work and support local.

How/Where should I display them in my store?

Again, your call, however we find these work best on the counter near check-out in case there are questions. We have small displays and signage available.

– Display Options >

I’d like to do a promotion, can you work with me?

We’d love to be featured on your newsletter or social media! We will try to share anything you send our way (Instagram / Facebook). If you’d like to do something special or have a proposal please let us know! We’re open to supporting anything you’d like to do.

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